We are independent electronic record label. Music with soul, music from heart.  Beautiful melodies and powerful rhythms.  Our releases is always special, be sure that they are great and unpredictable.

And this is HOROSHO.

HOROSHO Reel #004 - Roumie (Dj Mix)

HOROSHO Reel #005 - AQUO (Dj Mix)

HOROSHO & Taktika Zvuka showcase at Atmosphere Gelendzhik ❤️❤️❤️

HOROSHO showcase at 104FM Taktika Zvuka radio show.

HOROSHO team vibe and energy ❤️

Featured artists: AQUO (Live) / SAVVIDI (Dj set + Voice) / GRAYSON (Dj set)


Live Performance at hometown Gelendzhik

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Our Artists

Our family roster feature producers, Dj's and live performers.

SAVVIDI LIVE is a family electronic duo from the south of Russia. Guys performs exclusively their own tracks. Alexander is responsible for deep, cosmic melodies and exponentially powerful rhythmical elements. Alexandra on the other side, provides sensual, true story-telling vocals for each track. The Savvidi Live performance can be described as an immersion into their own, personal world of electronic music full of feelings and inner emotions.

AQUO start producing music in 2010. Until present days he has many ups and downs in his career, fateful things that have radically changed artist life. "Struggle helped me understand how much I love music, what a huge role melodies and rhythms play in my life.  And how hard i can work to achieve my goal." AQUO is a person filled with all the flavors and colors of one of most beautiful thing that humanity could create - Music.

KATRIN SOUZA composing since 2009. “ I heard melodies in my head since I was a kid”. Growing up, Katrin firmly decided to connect her life with music. Working during the day to provide for the children, she learned to write music at night. "Life wasn't easy, but it made me stronger." For several years, Katrin reached the professional level and her tracks start playing all over the world. "Music taught me that you need to hard work and do only what you really love, and then success is inevitable. Most of all, of course, I love my children, love life and i love to produce music."

TECHNO PHOBIA is a musical project that originates back in 2011. After batch of releases and experiments with sound they went through a lineup change. Today Techno Phobia is a melodic and organic House music project with soulful mood and really warm sound.

ROUMIE is a bright representative of the old school House music, which has absorbed all the trends of modern sound. His Progressive, Organic & Deep House is recognizable. Roumie's releases enjoy listeners' interest and support from respected world producers and artists. More than ten years of studio experience and performances in Russia and China have laid the foundation for the launch of the Roumie project! For now Roumie working on new exciting compositions, which are already eagerly awaited by true connoisseurs of House music.

VIOLET NINJA is an electronic live project. It is based on a style collected from different areas of electronic music, where a straight kick harmoniously coexists with a broken line, drowning in psychedelic synth textures. Many of the sounds used by the artist are collected from travels around the world and recorded on a voice recorder, this adds a special authenticity to his sound. The lingering vocals and philosophical texts, saturated with shamanic aesthetics, can take any listener into a real musical trip. In Violet Ninja's live performances, special attention is forwarded to improvisation, which makes each performance unique.

ALEXANDER SAVVIDI is music producer and live-performer, founder of HOROSHO record label. 50% of Savvidi family electronic duo. He came to electronic music after working decades in the film industry, where he was nominated several times at European film festivals for best music. In Alexander’s music, you can actually feel and read the story of each track, narrated through deep, atmospheric melodies and truly explosive, powerful rhythms.

ADAM MODA is music producer, DJ and live-performer. His music is life experience, that he translates to his sound. Usually Adam's production process goes thru live recording. " Only in this way i can capture various states of my mind & soul, i can capture the mood and energy of NOW "